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Diego Tognola, Dr.sc.math
Founder and chief scientist.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Diego studied mathematics, physics and computer science at the University of Zurich, followed by a doctoral position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ). His thesis in the field of dynamical systems ("chaos theory") provides criteria for certain qualitative behaviour and applies a computer-assisted proof to electrical engineering. He concluded his academic activities in maths by migrating to Australia, deciding to change career to something more tangible.
While travelling through the Australian Outback, Diego conceived a ridiculously simple idea that solved his self-imposed problem of finding an intuitive visualisation for sound characteristics. He started a career in software development that over the past decade has gained him extensive technical and commercial experience in the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions. A while later, these IT skills also allowed him to successfully put his visualisation idea to test.  He then founded Sunics as a platform to further develop and implement the process.
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