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Diego Tognola, Dr.sc.math
Founder and Chief Scientist.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Diego studied Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at the University of Zurich. He earned a Doctorate in the field of Dynamical Systems ("Chaos Theory") at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ).

Having had a passion for music synthesizers since the early 1980s, Diego became increasingly interested in how sounds, and timbres in particular, could be visualised in a more intuitive way. While travelling through the Australian Outback, he conceived an idea that solved this self-imposed problem.

Diego continued his career with software development that over the past two decades has gained him extensive technical and commercial experience in the end-to-end delivery of digital solutions. These IT skills allow him to incrementally and experimentally put his visualisation idea to test.

Diego founded Sunics as a platform to further explore and share the possible benefits of his invention.

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