Applied to audio signals, our technology allows to convert sound to image and vice versa. Applied in realtime, this can be used to create an animation of evolving sound timbres:

We believe that sound characteristics such as "sharp", "smooth", "warm" or "edgy" can be recognised via some visual counterparts. Do you agree ?

One of our most fun experiment so far. We buried shakers and microphones in the ground and built a cloud-based telemetry solution analysing changes in sound timbres. This delivered a reliable and automated monitoring system for turf management. It involved out-of-the box thinking, physics, audio engineering, soldering & cabling, software programming, cloud infrastructure, landscaping equipment and a fabulous team of stakeholders and helpers. Best of all - it worked !

Cycloscope Cardio is a mobile application showcasing our ECG visualisation suitable for long-term monitoring. It allows users to perform real-time monitoring & recording and to share or view ECGs via common channels. ECG data can be streamed from Physionet or acquired via external bluetooth hardware in real-time.

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