"See Sound..."

Here's a somewhat random collection of sounds and their visualised timbres. So we took random samples and visualised their timbre. Then we created an animation that shows a time indicator to help you align the timbre you hear with its location in the visualisation. Because the timbre of the sound evolves over time, its visual representation creates a unique pattern, like a fingerprint. (Horizontal axis is time, vertical axis is phase, colouring is amplitude of the original sound).

Audio-synthesizer "Strings" patches


Now - how about the opposite, let's start with an image. If this image was the visual representation of a timbre, what sound would it correspond to ? Here's a few examples again:

"...Hear Images"

Image-based audio synthesis: outputs of image synthesis algorithms and their corresponding mappings back to sounds
Audio synthesis via painting: images drawn with a graphics tool and their corresponding sounds